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DOWNLOAD - Jack White - 2014-07-23 - The Chicago Theater - Chicago, IL


I was at this one. Intense, wild, exhausting, sexy, dark, scary, exhillerating...His longest show on record I guess, two 2 hours and 45 minutes, of NON STOP RAGE. Even the soft moments were lousy with life. 

Grabbed this from the Guitar 101 forums, that community rules.

Thank you Chicago Theater for a lovely evening. Donate to them Now that they're owned (sponsored?) by Chase, I'm not sure if you can donate...but...follow them on Twitter!

Jack White, please continue what you're doing. Sign up for The Vault guys. Support Thirdman Records and everything that Jack White is doing. He is the resurgence of rock and roll.

Jack White Official - Third Man - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Love Interruption - Single - Jack White

DOWNLOAD - Jack White - OLD - 2014-07-23 - The Chicago Theater - Chicago, IL - Pt. 1

DOWNLOAD - Jack White - OLD - 2014-07-23 - The Chicago Theater - Chicago, IL - Pt. 2

DOWNLOAD - Jack White - OLD - 2014-07-23 - The Chicago Theater - Chicago, IL - Pt. 3

DOWNLOAD - Jack White - OLD - 2014-07-23 - The Chicago Theater - Chicago, IL - Pt. 4

DOWNLOAD - Jack White - 2012-07-03 - Grand Studio RTL - Paris, FR

Jack White Paris, France

What a great little set from Mr. Jack White III. Premo quality, great song selection. Make sure to support Jack White and all of his various endeavors if you download this. Buy a 45, buy some digital Third Man Records stuff - something to justify getting this stuff for free.

Jack White Official - Third Man Records - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Love Interruption - Single - Jack White

01 Missing Pieces
02 Freedom at 21
03 Same Boy You've Always Known/I Cut Like a Buffalo
04 Top Yourself
05 Ball & Biscuit

DOWNLOAD - Jack White - 2012-07-03 - Grand Studio RTL - Paris, FR

LISTEN - Jack White "Machine Gun Silhouette"

It was only a matter of time that the B-side to the recently released Jack White single hit the net. The song is called "Machine Gun Silhouette," it was recorded at Third Man Records in Nashville, TN on November 9th, 2011 and while the music is credited to Jack White, the lyrics are credited to Rob Jones and Jack White. Rob Jones was the man in charge of the art direction for The White Stripes and is known for winning a Grammy with Jack White III in the "boxed or special limited edition package" category for the amazing Under Great White Northern Lights.

Jack White Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Love Interruption - Single - Jack White

The General Specific

Sorry for the delay! Here's what went down this week.

- My Morning Jacket had a busy week. Click here to check out the pre-order packages for Circuital.

- Festival season kicks off today with Coachella; here is the webcast schedule for the weekend. They will be streaming concerts by The Black Keys, The National, Interpol, and many more.

- Looks like there are plenty of White Stripes goodies left in the Third Man vault.

- Jeff Tweedy debuted a new tune the other night at a solo gig. Maybe it will be on the upcoming Wilco record?

- Tomorrow is Record Store Day!

Check back next week!