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DOWNLOAD - Ryan Adams & The Shining - 2014-09-09 - NPR World Cafe - Philadelphia, PA

Ryan Adams and The Shining NPR World Cafe Philadelphia

I probably had ten spins in before the vinyl arrived and I was into it. After an intimate listen while reading the lyrics, I was hooked.

Thank you unknown for posting this at the Live Music Archive.

Ryan Adams Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Ryan Adams

01 Intro
02 Gimme Something Good
03 Interview
04 Stay With Me
05 Interview
06 Interview
07 Mother (Danzig cover)
08 Interview
09 Interview
10 I Want to Know What Love Is (Foreigner cover)*
11 Interview
12 The Door**
13 Interview
14 Outro
(Web Exclusive Content)
15 Shadows
16 Interview
17 Peaceful Valley
18 Interview
*First Time Played
**First Time Played (Off of 'Blackhole')


DOWNLOAD + NEWS - Ryan Adams Covers Vampire Weekend + Announces US Tour Date

Ryan Adams is returning to the States! Well, he lives here, but he's making a return to the stage in the States! As of now we only have one date, October 21st, at Seattles City/Arts Festival, but I've got the feeling more will follow soon. 

In other Ryan news, he's been busy on Facebook covering Vampire Weekend. Now, I was waiting to see if we'd get more before posting the three he's done but since it's been quiet I figured I'd get it out to all of you before the weekend begins. I'll update as we get more!

For more recent Ryan Adams check out this set from Onslow, Norway. Beautiful acoustic bliss.

Ryan Adams Official - FacebookTwitter - ear X-tacy - Ryan Adams