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DOWNLOAD - Radiohead (On A Friday) Demos II

Here is part two of the early Radiohead demos, so early that they weren't even Radiohead yet, they were On A Friday. Make sure to grab part I here.

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01 Burning Bush
02 Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill
03 Everyone Need Someone To Hate
04 Give It Up
05 The Greatest Shindig
06 Happy Song
07 How Can You Be Sure?
08 Keep Strong
09 Life With A Big F
10 Mr. B
11 New Generation
12 Rattlesnake
13 Sinking Ship
14 Somebody
15 Tell Me Bitch
16 To Be A Brilliant Light
17 Upside Down
18 What Is That You Say?

DOWNLOAD - Radiohead (On A Friday) Demos II

DOWNLOAD - Radiohead (On A Friday) - On A Friday Demos I

The internet is going nuts with all these early Radiohead demos finding their way to the masses. Instead of listening to a couple of YouTube clips, download them here! Back when Radiohead first started they were sans Johnny Greenwood (I know he's in the above pic, tough pictures to come by) and called "On A Friday" because it was the only day they could get together and practice.

This is part I of II. Tomorrow I'll be posting the second set of demos, an 18 song set, with some duplicates but mostly not. This is a bit of a messy post because of the lack of information on these recordings. The two sets I have compiled don't really show up on any website with these particular track listings so... Just listen, enjoy and be amazed with what they've turned themselves into.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Part II!

Ant - Thanks my man. I appreciate your kindness always.

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01 Keep Strong
02 Somebody Else
03 I Want to Know
04 I'm Coming Up
05 Jerusalem
06 What Is That You Say
07 Something to Hate
08 I Can't
09 Without You
10 Give It Up
11 How Can You Be Sure
12 Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth
13 Rattlesnake in the Big City
14 The New Generation

DOWNLOAD - Radiohead (On A Friday) - On A Friday Demos I

DOWNLOAD - 1986 Radiohead (On A Friday) Demo's

Over the weekend bits of a demo tape of a young Radiohead, still going by 'On A Friday' at the time, surfaced, leaving us with two tracks, and more suspected to come. The two recordings were made before Jonny Greenwood joined the band and when Thom Yorke was 18!

What I find amazing though, is how you can tell this is Radiohead in the making. The drum beat is classic Radiohead, Thom's voice and singing style has hardly changed, these guys had "it" from the beginning.

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DOWNLOAD - 1986 Radiohead Demo's