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NEW MUSIC - Model Stranger - The Changing Score EP

Hey gang! Got a hot little EP for you all to enjoy as the end of the year draws near. Model Stranger, one of my top acts out of Chicago, put out The Changing Score a couple of months back. Since the release of their first full length, Dreams and Bones, back in 2010, Model Stranger have been diligent in releasing singles and EP's as well as touring all over the country in support of their various efforts.  

(From left) Kevin James (bass), Vincent Joseph (drums), Stephen Francis (Vocals/Guitar)

The Changing Score, however, is a different animal. It's a clear departure from Dreams and Bones and shares little, stylistically (that unique Model Stranger string runs through...), with their last single "The Last Time." Maybe influences changed. Maybe the road did something to them. Maybe these guys have a lot of music in them...I tend to side with the latter.

The Changing Score is a great listen and a nice placeholder to enjoy until the gents of Model Stranger have another full length for us. It's a free download (but tossin' a few bucks around this time of year never hurt no one) and absolutely worth your time.

Enjoy guys.

Model Stranger Official - Facebook - Twitter - Band Camp - Reverb Nation



LISTEN + DOWNLOAD - Model Stranger "The Last Time"

One of my nearest and dearest to the heart Chicago groups, Model Stranger, have released an incredible new track today called "The Last Time." If you're into a psychedelic/electronic rock then check it out. The track reminds me of a cross between the Pink Floyd tracks "Welcome to the Machine" off of Wish You Were Here and "Pigs (Three Different Ones) off of Animals. It's dark, dramatic and sounds like lasers are invading your brain.

The boys of Model Stranger also have a good number of dates on the calendar, check them out, they'll leave you in awe.

Model Stranger Official - Facebook - Twitter - Band Camp - Reverb Nation - Model Stranger

DOWNLOAD - Model Stranger "The Last Time"

DOWNLOAD - Model Stranger - 2011-05-14 - The Double Door - Chicago, IL

My Chicago act of choice, Model Stranger, just released a four song bootleg EP from their May 14th performance at Chicago's Double Door. They're doing a 'name your price' setup with this one so take a listen and name your price.

For those of you not in the know on this analog trio from Chicago: Model Stranger have been relentlessly playing their own twisted version of rock and roll all up and down this country for the last five years. Their live sets are high energy (sometimes reaching the 4 hour mark), experimental and a GD blast. They are a true blue do-it-yourself band; releasing vinyl, CD's and merchandise all on their own while also funding national tours.  Pretty remarkable stuff. Check these guys out.

Model Stranger Official - Facebook - Twitter - Band Camp - Model Stranger 



DOWNLOAD - Model Stranger - 2011-05-14 - The Double Door - Chicago, IL

DOWNLOAD - Model Stranger - 2011-05-14 - The Double Door - Chicago, IL