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DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2013-05-31 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY

We've long been fans of the Futurebirds over here at The Steam Engine. Their new record, Baba Yaga, is going to go down as one of my favorites of the year. As my bro-in-law points out the album plays like a greatest hits from a Southern rock band that has been together for decades. My favorite track is probably "Dig" - take a listen and you'll get it. It's as close as anyone has ever gotten to sounding like a version of My Morning Jacket - but they pull it off as their own and it's excellent.

Buy their records, go to their FUN F*CKING shows.

Futurebirds Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Futurebirds

01 Strangers
02 Serial Bowls
03 Tanlines
04 Sam Jones
05 Battle for Rome
06 Virginia Slims
07 (Banter)
08 Heavy Weights
09 (Banter)
10 Megachills
11 (Banter)
12 Johnny Utah
13 M J B
14 Death Awaits
15 (Banter)
16 Ski Chalet
17 Wild Heart
18 Yur Not Ded
19 (Encore Call)
20 St. Summercamp
21 Americle


DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2013-05-31 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2013-04-13 - Mercy Lounge - Nashville, TN

The Steam Engine Instagram

After way too long without new music from Athens, GA Futurebirds, they came out with a whammy of an album with Baba Yaga. As my buddy Tim correctly pointed out, the new album "sneaked in a laid back SoCal surf music feel to their Southern/folksy sound." Top to bottom it's a more than solid listen, pick up a copy and check these guys out on the road.

Futurebirds Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Futurebirds

01 Intro
02 Serial Bowls
03 Virginia Slims
04 American Cowboy
05 Tan Lines
06 MJB
07 Battle For Rome
08 Sam Jones
09 Johnny Utah
10 Death Awaits
11 Strangers
12 Ski Chalet
13 The Doewg
14 Heavy Weights
15 St. Summercamp
16 Wild Heart
17 Yur Not Dead

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2013-04-13 - Mercy Lounge - Nashiville, TN

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2012-06-15 - Desoto Theatre - Rome, GA

Futurebirds Rome

The mighty fine Futurebirds are on tour right now, make sure to do yourself a solid and check them out. It's just good, country tinged rock and roll. I'm looking forward to seeing them on October 22nd in Chicago with the Heartless Bastards, ought to be a good one!

Futurebirds Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Futurebirds

01 APO
02 unknown song
03 Johnny Utah
04 Serial Bowls
05 Battle For Rome
06 Dirty D
07 Death Awaits
08 MJB
09 Megachills
10 Sam Jones
11 Wild Heart
12 The Doewg
13 Red Top Girl
14 Ski Chalet
15 Dreams

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2012-06-15 - Desoto Theatre - Rome, GA

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2010-11-15 - Live on KDHX - St. Louis, MO

You really can't go wrong with this band from Athens, GA. The recently did a short documentary about the intimate 250 person show they played and ultimately released for this past Record Store Day. Check it out below and enjoy the set.

Futurebirds Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Futurebirds

01 Yur Not Dead
02 Interview
03 MJB
04 Interview
05 Americle

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2010-11-15 - Live on KDHX - St. Louis, MO

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2011-12-16 - The Basement - Nashville, TN

One of Athens, GA hottest acts. A genuine group of dudes that know how to rock.

Futurebirds Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Futurebirds

01 Intro
02 Battle For Rome
03 Serial Bowl
04 Dirty D
05 Tanlines
06 APO
07 Johnny Utah
08 Red Top Girl
09 MJB
10 Wild Heart
11 Ski Chalet
12 Nearsayerfive
13 Yur Not Dead

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2011-12-16 - The Basement - Nashville, TN

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2011-10-13 - The Visulite - Charlotte, NC

On Monday night we interviewed and watched Futurebirds in Brooklyn, and man, they know how to put on a show. We've got a couple of shows in The Treasury, this one is my favorite of the two. Go see these guys, they've got a handful of dates wrapping up their "Holiday Road Tour," they know how to put on a show.

Futurebirds Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Futurebirds

Mr. Johnny's Bible
Dirty D
New Song
Johnny Utah
Battle of Rome*
New Song
Wicked Game (Chris Issak)>
Sam Jones
Wild Heart (Stevie Nicks)
Ski Chalet
E: Red Top Girl
E: Yr Not Dead

DOWNLOAD - Futurebirds - 2011-10-13 - The Visulite - Charlotte, NC

INTERVIEW + REVIEW - Futurebirds - 2011-12-12 - Brooklyn Bowl

My first stop after settling in Manhattan yesterday was Brooklyn Bowl, the venue/bowling alley with maybe the finest fried chicken around. Fried chicken isn’t what brought me there though, Futurebirds did. The Athens, GA based band is on a “Holiday Road Tour” with another Athens band, grass giraffes, and I was fortunate enough to meet up with Carter King (vocals, guitar, banjo, drums, vox) before the show to swap some words and get a better idea of what makes one of the hottest up and comers out there tick.

As I was walking up to the venue I couldn’t help but notice parts of the Futurebirds (there are six of them) hanging outside of their van with a smashed in rear window. Moments before, the band were the unsuspecting victims of a robbery that could have been much worse had they not walked up as the offense was being committed. Unfortunately the criminal got away with Peyton Bradford’s backpack that contained clothes and the iPod the band uses on the road. Peyton was optimistic though, he later told me “There was nothing in there that can’t be replaced with a trip to the thrift store and Wal-Mart.”

Futurebirds have a serious stage presence. Six guys in their 20 something’s putting every ounce of their being into the task at hand, which, for them, is rocking out country tinged, reverb laden, distorted tunes at maximum levels. It’s incredibly apparent they’re having the time of their lives, thrashing about the stage in a way that makes you wonder how there haven’t been serious injuries.

The band has one full length that came out in 2010, Hamptons Lullaby, and two EP’s, a self titled and Via Flamina. Last night we heard the majority of their official releases as well as a new tune. By listening to the lineage of their albums it’s obvious they’re growing as a band and reaching new sounds while maintaining the sonic identity they forged on their first release, Hamptons Lullaby. Not an easy task.

The show was excellent. High energy, great sound; you want to watch them play music. If you’re lucky enough to live in a city they’ll be visiting on the tail end of their “Holiday Road Tour” go check them out (that means you Chicago!), it’ll be one of the better nights of music you’ve seen in some time.

Head to their Facebook page to download the track "Nearsayerfive."

Read The Steam Engine interview with Carter King below, a truly genuine human being:

Futurebirds Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Futurebirds

The Steam Engine: Right now you're on a "Holiday Road Tour" with Grass Giraffes, around ten dates. How's the tour going?

Carter King: Yeah, yeah, not too long of a tour, making a little a little Christmas money, buy Mom & Poppa something nice (laughs).

Click to read more ...

UPDATE - Bon Iver, Ryan Adams, New York City

Hey folks, though I'd toss an update your way to let you know what's happening. The last few days have been a whirl of wind. On Saturday I drove to Madison, WI to catch the immensely talented Bon Iver. The show was breathtaking. Justin Vernon & Co. played tracks from their shallow but impressive collection of songs including the majority of Bon Iver spliced up with tracks from their debut For Emma, Forever Ago and their awesome take on the Bjork track "Who Is It?" I will go ahead and say it was one of the finest nights of music I've ever witnessed. Justin Vernon is a very interesting man to watch play music. Watching his body and his facial expressions react to every note is truly enjoyable, he's totally immersed all the time. And oddly, it was my first time in Madison, which is a great town. You'd think being from Chicago I would have spent some time there but I never have and I was blown away by the elegant quaintness of the place.

My group and I woke up early Sunday morning and hit the road in order to get back for Ryan Adams at The Cadillac Palace in Chicago later that night. I've seen Ryan Adams with the Cardinals a lot, I've never seen him in this element. Obviously I post a lot of this mans music and know his solo sets like the back of my hand but actually being in the same room is light years from jamming a set on my stereo. Right now he is at his prime. Ashes & Fire is one of my favorite records of the year and it's becoming one of my favorite Ryan Adams (in any version) period. His voice is incredibly delicate while being incredibly powerful at the same time, it's the best he's ever sounded. Armed with a couple of acoustics and a piano Adams gave us a snapshot of his entire catalog. "Dirty Rain" from Ashes & Fire is still stuck in my head. In between tracks he joked about all sorts of things, heckled a girl using her cell phone and jammed small, off the cuff ditties about all sorts of weird stuff. He's genuinely funny. Really funny. Myself and pretty much the entire crowd were in stitches every time he wasn't singing. He loves pizza, video games, black metal, being a (funny) d*ck and hates the beach but drives there listening to AC/DC all the time apparently.

Monday morning I left for the airport around 5:45 AM to leave for New York city. My good friend and brother-in-law got into town, got settled then headed to Brookly Bowl to interview and watch Futurebirds on their "Holiday Road Tour." I'll have the full interview (unbelievably cool guys) and my thoughts on the show later today.

So, that's what's happening at The Steam Engine. Wednesday My Morning Jacket are playing Madison Square Garden. I'll be meeting up with some of my favorite people on the planet beforehand, it should be an excellent night.

Posts will be light this week, the WiFi at the hotel is pretty awful, I found a cafe that claims to have great speeds though, I'm investigating after lunch. I've got some great shows to share, I hope uploading is not an issue.

I'll see more than a few of you tomorrow, everyone else, thanks for checking in.

P.S. - Yesterday was "Kick Your Week/Weekend Off Right" author, Gabby, birthday. I'd like to say happy birthday and thanks for all the work you do. You're one dynamite lady.