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Entries in Dead Confederate (5)

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate - 2012-05-22 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I've been HOOKED on T. Hardy Morris and his other band, Dead Confederate. Enjoy this set folks.

Dead Confederate Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound

01 Cut A Path
02 Mob Scene
03 In The Marrow
04 Start Me Laughing
05 Vacations
06 Bleed-Through
07 Heavy Petting
08 Quiet Kid
09 Track 9

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate - 2012-05-22 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate - 2012-12-28 - The EARL - Atlanta, GA

Dead Confederate Atlanta EARL

Twas' having a bastard of a time finding something to listen to yesterday when I came across the first Dead Confederate release, a self titled EP. It opens with the song "Memorial Day Night" - a quiet track that features lead man Hardy Morris strumming away at an acoustic, no pick, whispering into a mic. Lots of chills. Immediately after that though it is a relentless hammer of distorted, reverb laden guitars and vocals that sound more like cries coming from the bottom of a well.

They recently put out an EP of all new songs called Peyote People that you can grab from their website, it seems like it's something to wet your whistle until their next full length, In The Marrow, comes out in April.

Thanks taper Dillon Fries.

Dead Confederate Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Dead Confederate

01 Heavy Petting
02 The Rat
03 Goner
04 It Was A Rose
05 Yer' Circus
06 All the Angels
07 Start Me Laughing
08 The News Underneath
09 Flesh-Colored Canvas
10 Wrecking Ball
11 Shadow the Walls
12 Mob Scene

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate - 2012-12-28 - The EARL - Atlanta, GA

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate (as Sonic Youth) - 2007-01-12 - The 40 Watt - Athens, GA

Dead Confederate Sonic Youth

I've only seen this band once, at Hangout Fest 2011, but they pretty much brought me back from the dead with their high energy, heavy set. Not heavy like Mastodon heavy, but good heavy. This set is so cool because they're playing all Sonic Youth songs AND Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers lends a hand near the end.

Dead Confederate Official - Facebook - Twitter - The Treasury - Insound - Dead Confederate

01 100%
02 Silver Rocket
03 Theresa’s Sound World
04 The Diamond Sea
05 Youth Against Fascism (w/ Patterson Hood)

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate (as Sonic Youth) - 2007-01-12 - The 40 Watt - Athens, GA

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate - 2011-05-27 - Sandcastle Festival - Charleston, SC

Gotta thank good ol' Honest Abe for this one! Dead Confederate are a filthy little band from Augusta, GA that have a really unique brand of good, heavy rock and roll. My first exposure to these guys was of a live version of Neil Young's "On The Beach" and after that I was hooked. This recording goes above and beyond though, we've got a stable of originals and then Neil Young's Tonight's The Night (one of my favorite records of all time) in it's entirety! Hardy Morris has a killer voice that does Neil's justice.

Dead Confederate Official - Facebook - Twitter - ear X-tacy

01 Sugar
02 Start Me Laughing
03 The Rat
04 Quiet Kid
05 Heavy Petting
06 Wrecking Ball
07 Giving It All Away
08 Mob Scene
09 Run From The Gun
10 By Design
11 Smoke In A Minor
12 Tonight's The Night (with Cary Ann Hearst)
13 Speakin' Out
14 World On A String
15 Borrowed Tune
16 Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
17 Mellow My Mind (with Cary Ann Hearst)
18 Roll Another Number (For The Road)
19 Albuquerque
20 New Mama
21 Lookout Joe
22 Tired Eyes
23 Tonight's The Night (Part II)

DOWNLOAD - Dead Confederate - 2011-05-27 - Sandcastle Festival - Charleston, SC

Hangout Fest Day II

Now that I’m back and I’ve had some time to compose myself, I’m ready to tell yall (“yall's” have been slipping since being down there, heard a ton of them this past week!) about the rest of the fest.

Saturday was a great day of tunes. After getting a great seafood meal at Mikee’s we got into the fest and decided to hit the giant drop and snap some photos from above the grounds. Bad idea after eating a ton of sea food. But, as it turns out, some heavy rock and roll via Athens, GA’s Dead Confederate turned things around. Those dudes rage and that’s the best way to explain it. Every instrument on stage is scratched, scuffed and pieced together with duct tape, not unlike the guys playing them. Ragged rock and roll.

Cee Lo Green showed up late to his set but Dave Grohl & Co. took the stage with a “Cee Lo Green, forget you! I guess we’re playing two sets today!” and then went right into some Alice Cooper “School’s Out.” They did a cover set that saw the likes of Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, Queen and Prince, it was pretty insane. Cee Lo eventually came out but…who really cares? The Foo Fighters tore it up and then we were off to the funky thump of Primus. I’ve seen Primus a few times now and while I can dig it, being 200 yards away for a Primus set makes it less interesting. But hearing Les Claypool make instruments do things they shouldn’t is always captivating, it’ll be interesting to see them open for the Flaming Lips come Red Rocks.

We were going to hit the Avett Brothers but we decided to stick around and have a nice spot for the Flaming Lips. I am so so so glad we did. I’ve never been to a Lips show. My friend Eric (who was there) is a Flaming Lips maniac and I’ve heard stories and seen amazing pictures from his experiences, but man o man, it was like a religious awakening. On top of the band on stage, there were sets of dancers on both sides, confetti and streamer cannons and a massive circular display with moveable panels that saw the band walking through it.

Throughout the show images and videos of animals, retinas, naked women and tripped out visuals flashed on the screen so perfectly in sync with the music. Wayne Coyne had his signature big hands out on some tracks and he also did his crowd surfing in a bubble thing as well. I was really glad to hear a lot of material off Embryonic, my favorite Lips record. The set was truly mind blowing and if you have an opportunity to see them, just do it. I don’t care if you’ve never even heard their music, you’ll be a fan after.

We heard the Foo Fighters from a distance for 4 or 5 songs and then headed back to the condo where we split our time between the hot tub, pool and ocean. There isn't a word to describe how fun Saturday night was.